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The Beautiful Story behind ” My Apollo”

The perfect picture book for animal-loving children and parents is here! My Apollo, a sweet and uplifting tale about how a small boy named Briar and a rescue dog named Apollo came together to help each other heal and regain trust again in life is now raising funds for self-publication on Kickstarter. My Apollo is the perfect hart-warming and beautifully hand-illustrated book that celebrates the healing role animals play in our lives!

Harvard-educated author-illustrator Nina Huang is a contemporary animal artist who is most known for her vibrant and impressionistic animal paintings. She was inspired to write and illustrate this full-color 40-page picture book for dog-loving children and adults alike after adopting her own greyhound dog.

In the story, the two main characters come together in the beginning with some struggle of their own. Briar is from a newly single-father family and he has been struggling in school with falling grades and social anxiety. Apollo was bred to run races for gamblers, and by the time he was at a greyhound shelter, he has developed a deep distrust of humans and fearful orientation toward life. This book, in essence, is about how these two characters come together to lend each other a helping hand.

This book project is now active on Kickstarter until Nov.26th, and we are raising $22500 to print the first run of 2000 hardbound books using high-quality art paper. The book will be both a children’s book and an art book, featuring only hand-painted illustrations. Supporters can get a signed copy of the hard-cover book, plus notecards for $25.00! Please come help bring My Apollo to press by supporting our campaign!

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