Free Puzzles and More – At Home Fun

The life of a mommy can be both rewarding and stressful. As much as we love their little giggles and shrills of joy, sometimes we just need a little quiet time to regroup and gather or wits. From free puzzles to educational coloring pages and more, here are a few of our favorite things to keep your little one busy while you catch a moment’s peace . . .

Free Puzzles and Ideas
Bring learning home with one of our favorite free puzzles that your little one is sure to adore. All you need is a copy of one of your favorite photos, poster board and stick glue. First, cut your poster board to the size of your photo and glue the photo on top. Then, proceed to cut puzzle pieces from your creation. Wah-la! An instant puzzle that features her favorite someone.
*Helpful Hint: You can also create these free puzzles using one of our educational coloring pages. Simply print out her favorite, let her color it in and create the puzzle herself following the same directions. (This will give you even more “you

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